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House of Orange was founded in 2018 by Ian Clark while sharing a three-bedroom house with friends after college. His passion for fashion and the desire for self-expression led to its inception, driven by a commitment to creative storytelling.

The name, House of Orange, embodies the essence of creativity and freedom expression symbolized by the color orange. Each room within this house reflects Ian's diverse interpretations of various mediums, offering a glimpse into his perspective. From clothing design to art and film, every room presents a unique facet of Ian's creative journey.

Leveraging his experience through his master's in Human-Computer Interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University. His toolkit includes robust frameworks such as design thinking, allowing him to craft experiences that resonate deeply with audiences while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

At the heart of this creative house we embody modern architectural design with an elegant embrace of simplicity, less is more. Here all pieces are created with a specific inspiration in mind; in hopes of telling a story through clothing and ready made products.